Wicked Fate Now Available as PDF and ...
Wicked Fate is packed with adventure, politics, and mystery while you explore the world of Estevere.
Vampires at Gen Con 2018
Come join us as we’ll be offering Undying along with other many fan favorites in our 2018 Gen Con Game room.
Codex Machina now live!
If you’re a fan of the Fate roleplaying system, and have checked out the Fate Codex we run through Patreon, you may have heard that we’ve added a new feature - a podcast called the Codex Machina. The Codex Machina...
The Summer of the Fate Codex!
We have some awesome announcements for the Fate Codex! We're putting together a printed, collected edition of Volume 1 of the Fate Codex. This will include every article from our first year, along with all the art pieces, in a...
The Fate Codex - Volume 1, Issue 1
Hello all! Thanks to the all the great patrons for the Fate Codex Patreon campaign, we released the first issue of The Fate Codex yesterday. I was hoping that we would release at least a six to seven page PDF...
The Play's The Thing, coming soon to ...
Last Friday the books arrived. All 500 of them. 500 copies of The Play's The Thing On Monday, we got the last of the supplemental materials from the printer. Thousand of pages of signed prints, character sheets, story points, and...