The Play's The Thing, coming soon to mailboxes everywhere!

Last Friday the books arrived. All 500 of them.
500 copies of The Play's The Thing
On Monday, we got the last of the supplemental materials from the printer. Thousand of pages of signed prints, character sheets, story points, and nameplates.
Magpie Games Story Points
This morning, we sent our first batch of Priority Mail packages, brimming with Shakespearean goodness, hurtling toward all of you at the speed of postal mail! That's's time to fulfill those pledges!
Materials for a Lead Actor backer
We are so, so excited to be sending out these packages. Even our kitty, Ophelia, helped out getting the shipments together. She mostly sits in half-filled boxes, but we appreciate her support all the same. Ophelia, the kitty We've gotten through about 30% of the backers, and hope to finish up over the next day or two. US backers should expect to see their packages by Monday, and International folks should see them over the next two weeks, depending on customs. We can't wait to get you these books! I know we've said it a million times before, but we owe all of you a great debt. Thank you for your support; thank you for your care and effort on behalf of this community. Marissa and I NEVER IMAGINED that our little $500 project could reach such stratospheric heights. It's amazing, moving, and empowering. Thank you. When you get your package of Shakespearean geeky goodness, please share your joy. Put it up on Facebook and Twitter and let people know how excited you are to sit around a table and mess with all of Shakespeare's wonderful plots. This project has been a labor of love, and we would love to have you celebrate with us. As for us, we'll get back to packing!