CPP Customer Service Agreement

CPP Customer Service Agreement

Welcome to the Magpie Games Curated Play Program!

We’re excited to have you join us for an online game! Purchasing a ticket to an online session denotes agreement with the following terms:

You (the customer) are buying a session (or campaign) of online gameplay with a Gamemaster handpicked by Magpie Games. Each session consists of 4 hours of gaming on a platform of your Gamemaster’s choice alongside 2-4 other players; each campaign consists of 4 such sessions spread out over roughly a month.

The Gamemaster will email you the day before the session with instructions for attending. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder, and then reach out to the email address provided on your confirmation email to ensure that you have the information needed to attend your session. Please ensure that you have chosen the right time and game when you purchase your ticket.

Players are required to:

  • Show up on time to their session. You are responsible for your own schedule and internet connection. No refunds will be issued due to unreliable internet or non-attendance.

  • Play through the session as an active and engaged player, respecting both the Gamemaster and the other players while following the code of conduct detailed below

Magpie Games is not responsible for any interactions that take place outside the scheduled gaming sessions. Should there for any reason be a cancellation on our end, we will inform the players as soon as possible and issue a full refund. Should there be an issue with one of our GMs, please contact us directly via the methods described in the code of conduct..

Players must request refunds at least 48 hours prior to the start of the ticketed session. We will not refund any cancellations within 48 hours of a session’s start. If you do need to cancel your session, please email your GM AND the Community Manager.

Code of Conduct

Please get to know our Code of Conduct and join us in celebrating each other and gaming. Our curated play program aims to facilitate inclusive social events wherein players can experience our games in a safe environment with our trained GMs.

While in the game space, we have certain expectations of our players. These guidelines for behaviours are not exhaustive, they are a launching pad for intention setting and community care. Thank you!

Positive Behaviours

  1. Be kind and act with compassion towards the GM and the other players.
  2. Speak with empathy, honesty, and integrity.
  3. Treat everyone, from all experiences and walks of life, with respect and compassion.
  4. Whenever possible, seek to resolve disputes fairly without escalating the situation.
  5. Speak only for yourself and your experiences.
  6. If you find yourself angry, upset, or hurt by an interaction, take time to care for yourself, think about the issue at hand, and then make a considered response.
  7. Take accountability if you’ve been hurtful or harmful
  8. Speak to the Community Manager if you find yourself unable to resolve a conflict yourself in a healthy and restorative way.
  9. Take responsibility for your wellbeing and use the safety tools provided whenever and as frequently as necessary.

Unacceptable behaviours

  1. Harassment, abuse, or harmful discourse
  2. The encouragement or deliberate use of slurs of any kind, deadnaming, misgendering, or micro or macro aggression towards any marginalized communities or its members
  3. Being unwilling to listen when a behaviour is deemed offensive or harmful
  4. Non-constructive criticisms of the hobby, industry, or community
  5. Criticizing or disparaging other members because of their level of experience, game genre or mechanical complexity, the segment of the industry they work in, or other arbitrary factors.
  6. Ignoring or deliberately refusing to obey the boundaries of others at the table, or the safety tools employed.

Behaviors to Avoid

  1. Backseat GMing.
  2. Arguing with the GM’s rulings.
  3. Talking over other players or the GM.
  4. Refusing to let other players have the spotlight.
  5. Pulling in characters or setting from other Curated Play sessions without table buy-in.

If someone engages in an unacceptable behaviour, or ignores the guidelines for behaviours, you can report their actions to the Community Manager, Kate Bullock, at kate@magpigegames.com. If applicable, the GM of the game may try to address the issue first. If the conflict cannot be resolved, it will be escalated to the Community Manager who will speak to all persons involved, and attempt to do a restorative practice for conflict resolution.

Finally, Magpie Games reserves the right to refuse participation to any person for inappropriate or illegal conduct. All refusals of participation will be accompanied by a reason, durations of refusal, and the criteria for rejoining our curated play program.