Codex Machina now live!

FCodex_IconV3If you’re a fan of the Fate roleplaying system, and have checked out the Fate Codex we run through Patreon, you may have heard that we’ve added a new feature - a podcast called the Codex Machina. The Codex Machina will contain interviews with the contributors, artists, and Fate designers featured inside the pages of the Fate Codex. Each month we’ll release one of these interviews for free to anyone, while the full podcast will be available to anyone pledging at least $3.00 to the Patreon. If you enjoy playing, dissecting, and learning about Fate, you won’t want to miss this. The preview of the podcast features Mark Diaz Truman interviewing John Large about his piece in the March issue of the Fate Codex, “Family Favors”. They discuss how including organizations in your game can deepen play, Aspects versus using the “bronze rule”, as well as the importance of story in games. Mark interviewed me for the article I wrote in the October issue of Volume 2 of the Fate Codex, and we had a great time discussing how horror, and specifically feminine horror, can work in Fate. We also touched on the process of writing the article, from my initial ideas to how the editing process worked. Fate diceEach episode promises to span the range of these kind of discussions, and to give the listener insight not only into how the Fate Codex is made, but allow the creators to expand on their topic even further. You can check out a preview of the Codex Machina here: The full episode also includes Brendan Conway discusses a different way to handle stress in Fate based on his “Damaged Aspects” article from the October issue of Volume 2, and Nicole Winchester talking about her Quickstart, “Camp X”, from June issue of Volume 2, plus an intro including Fate Codex staff member Tara Zuber. The Patreon page for the Fate Codex can be found here, plus you can find all the back issues and anthologies on DriveThruRPG. And feel free to let us know what you think either here in the comments or on the Patreon page.