Foundational works of our company!

Enjoy this selection of evergreen products that helped to lay the foundation of the Magpie brand. These and many other products helped us build teams and set the stage for the products we continue to release every year.


Core Rulebook

This book contains setting, advice, and this 6”x9” book will help you unfold the land of Dragonia at your table.

Packed full of guidance and PbtA techniques, this 6”x9” book contains the advice and rules that empower you to make your own memorable characters and politics to bring a vibrant supernatural city to life at your table.

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Encyclopedia Draconica

Volume 1: Tales & Stories is a supplement of encyclopedic entries on the tales and stories of Dragonia, featuring:

• New Playbooks
• Exciting Entries
• Unique Moves

Discover Draconic Traditions!

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Limited Edition

This gorgeous limited edition of the Epyllion core rulebook contains all the draconic trappings of the original, but is expanded on with deluxe features: an alternate cover made of woven-fabric and featuring a gold foil embossed cover. Get your copy while supplies last!

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Chaos Worlds

The Last Days of Anglekite

In the Last Days of Anglekite you’ll play members of the Anglekite Adventurer’s Guild, the last line of defense for a dying world threatened by catastrophic powers.

If you are a fan of the Dying Earth, Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser, or Conan, then you will love The Last Days of Anglekite!

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The Cold Ruins of Lastlife

In the Cold Ruins of Lastlife you’ll play an undead creature in a once-great world, searching for your lost memories in the ashes, or cutting a swath of burning light into a hopeful future.

If you are a fan of Dark Souls, Gormenghast, or Michael Moorcock, then you will love The Cold Ruins of Lastlife!

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The Green Law of Varkith

In the Green Law of Varkith you’ll play the members of a newly formed guild within Varkith’s frightening urban jungle, defending your federation from rivals, taking it up the ranks, and becoming one of the leading guilds of the entire city.

If you are a fan of Planescape: Torment,Perdido Street Station, or Jeff Vandermeer, then you will loveThe Green Law of Varkith!

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Fate Core

Fate Codex Anthology Bundle

The Fate Codex was an e-zine of quick starts, essays, new systems, and short fiction inspired by and devoted to the Fate Core system. Fabulous Fate content from some of the brightest and most experienced Fate authors in the industry.

If you are a fan of Fate, you’ll love the Fate Codex Anthologies!

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Wicked Fate

The fate of Estevere is in your hands! The Reign of Men faces an age of change. Will it find a new path or fall to ruin? Only the heroes of Estevere can decide…

In 2013, John Wick reinvented ten classic fantasy races through the world of Estevere, a unique Pathfinder setting that broke Kickstarter records and expanded what it meant to play elves, humans, orks, gnomes, kobolds, and more. Now, Magpie Games brings you a full Fate Core conversion for that world, allowing players and GMs to explore Estevere using the award-winning Fate Core system for the first time!

Wicked Fate is a fantasy supplement for Fate Core that gives you all you need to bring the world of Estevere to life.

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Standalone Games


Undying is a diceless roleplaying game of vampires and their nightly schemes, filled with politics, passion, and predators. You play one of the creatures of the night, preying on the mortals while plotting to lift yourself up over your competitors, and all the while clinging to the shreds of your humanity with blood-stained fingers. 

Will you rise up to topple the old guard, becoming every bit as ruthless as your predecessors? 

If you are a fan of Interview with a Vampire, True Blood, or Vampire: The Masquerade, you will love Undying!

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The Play’s The Thing

The Play’s The Thing is a tabletop RPG about actors who want to rewrite the Shakespearean roles they’ve been given. You and your friends tell the story of an acting troupe scheduled to perform, but everyone has their own ideas about how the play should go. While the Playwright might present you with a classic Shakespearean folio, you’ll use your imagination and wit to create new events and excitement in old stories to further your acting career and steal the show.

The system is a GM-light story game where players gather dice pools and roll to gain narrative control of the play.

If you are a fan of Moulin Rouge, The Producers, or Shakespeare In Love, you’ll love The Play’s the Thing!

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Our Last Best Hope

Our Last Best Hope is a tabletop RPG about a crew of people on a mission to save humanity from a terrible crisis. During the game, you might launch into space to stop a meteor from destroying all life on earth, drill to the center of the Earth to restart its molten core, or traverse zombie filled cities to stop a nuclear bomb. Each game is unique, as your group confronts a new crisis with a new cast of characters and a new plan to save the Earth.

The system does not require a GM, nor is there any prep-time required before the game starts.

If you are a fan of Sunshine, The Core, or Armageddon, you’ll love Our Last Best Hope!

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