The Green Law of Varkith (Chaos Worlds)

The Green Law of Varkith (Chaos Worlds)


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Dungeon World supplement, The Green Law Of Varkith features:

    • 6"x9" Softcover Book

    • Black & White Interior

    • Rich & Vivid Urban Setting

    • New Dungeon World Bonds, Drives, & Fronts

    • New Guild Creation & Conflict System

    • 30+ Monsters & Magic Items

    • 3 New Compendium Classes

    • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG

The world is centered around the Jade City.

Varkith is a city of success, corruption, democracy, and innovation, governed more than anything by the Green Law: “None in Varkith shall stand alone. The choice to be alone is the choice to be cast out.” To this city of guilds come countless immigrants, looking for new lives, for money and power and status on its many streets. And the statue of the Green Lady towers over it all.

The city is a tangled, uncertain web of opportunity....and danger.

    • Will you take your new guild to the top of Varkith’s food chain?

    • Will you successfully navigate the complexities of Varkith’s many peoples, each with their own culture, from the haughty and powerful Orkari to the sentient ant colonies called Krktri?

    • Will you use such wonders as Captain Toth’s Icy Elixir, or Dr. Iso’s Knife of Connective Processes?

    • Will you survive the strange fauna of Varkith, from the reaper mantises to the chitters warms to the terrible Ursalok?

In this new Chaos Worlds setting, written for the Dungeon World game system, you’ll play the members of a newly formed guild in Varkith, trying to make your way as the little fish in a city full of predators. This book contains everything your group needs to play a game of Dungeon World in this thriving city, including new rules for running guilds in Varkith; rules for ten different peoples, the primary denizens of Varkith; adventure fronts and dangers for use in the later parts of your Varkith campaign; a city’s worth of monsters, magical items, and compendium classes for this strange city; and more.

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