The Cold Ruins of Lastlife (Chaos Worlds)

The Cold Ruins of Lastlife (Chaos Worlds)


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Dungeon World supplement, The Cold Ruins of Lastlife features:

    • 6"x9" Softcover Book

    • Black & White Interior

    • Rich & Vivid Undead Setting

    • New Dungeon World Bonds, Drives, & Fronts

    • New Memory-driven Advancement System

    • 30+ New Monsters & Magic Items

    • 5 New Compendium Classes

    • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG

The world is a ruin of mist and undeath.

Broken castles poke forth from fog banks like giant’s teeth. Once-beautiful tapestries rot upon cold stone walls. Beautiful statues of gods and heroes lie toppled and covered in hungry red moss. Countless former citizens of this once great land wander cracked streets and dead plains as their bodies disintegrate and their minds dissolve. Lastlife is a corpse whose body is still twitching.

Yet there is still hope for a future. Which future...remains uncertain.

    • Will you defend the infant heir to the throne of Lastlife, encased in crystal before the end of the world?

    • Will you join with the demonic offspring of the chitinous monster imprisoned deep beneath the ruins, claiming its power to change the world?

    • Will you use such unholy relics as the Maestro’s Violin, whose music calls for a true and final end to the world?

    • Will you clear the ruins of such monsters as the Deepwasp, the Old Queen, and the Unborn Nightmare?

In this new Chaos Worlds setting, written for the Dungeon World game system, you’ll play undead adventurers trying to find something to fight for—the past or the future—in this cold and dreadful world. This book contains everything your group needs to play a game of Dungeon World in these haunting ruins, including new rules for playing the undead in Lastlife; adventure fronts and dangers for use in guiding your Lastlife campaign; a slew of monsters, magical items, and compendium classes for this terrible place; and more.

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