The Encyclopedia Draconica Available in Print!

There are many truths and platitudes a wyrm is likely to encounter during their life. ‘A coin in the claw is worth two in a hoard.’; Clean scales and polished tails will keep the ancients from their wails.’ ‘Never fly into a cold wind at dawn.’ Most of them? Nonsense. But there is one by which every dragon should abide, lest they betray the honor of Dragonia. ‘A dragon without books is like a day without a sun.’ Could not have said it better myself. - Grand Librarian Arumex Papertail The Encyclopedia Draconica Volume 1: Tales & Stories is now available in print! Get the physical copy + PDF here, and the digital copy alone on DriveThruRPG. Encyclopedia Draconica Epyllion 2018The Encyclopedia Draconica, Volume 1: Tales & Stories is a supplement for Epyllion: A Dragon Epic, a tabletop roleplaying game about young drakes who adventure throughout Dragonia while discovering the power of friendship and tradition. This companion book contains encyclopedic entries on the tales and stories of Dragonia, featuring new playbooks, exciting myths, and unique moves that add depth to the history of Dragonia while giving players and GMs brand new tools for play! If you’re a fan of Epyllion, you’ve got to get your claws on the Encyclopedia Draconica! What You Get:
  • A collection of new moves and ideas to enrich draconic culture, from aging to festivals to urban legends.
  • New history fleshing out the Shadow War and its effect on individual Houses.
  • Four new playbooks: The Elementalist, The Envoy, The Orphan, and The Rebel, along with advice on how to use them in your game.
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