Wicked Fate (Classics)

Wicked Fate (Classics)


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This Wicked Fate setting features:

    • 6"x9" Softcover Book

    • Full-color Interior

    • Setting, New Fantasy Races, & Feats

    • New Magic System & Skill List

    • New Aspects & Stunts

    • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG

Fantasy Adventure Powered by Fate

The Reign of Men faces an age of change. Will it find a new path or fall to ruin? Only the heroes of Estevere can decide...

In 2013, John Wick reinvented ten classic fantasy races through the world of Estevere, a unique Pathfinder setting that broke Kickstarter records and expanded what it meant to play elves, humans, orks, gnomes, kobolds, and more. Now, Magpie Games brings you a full Fate Core conversion for that world, allowing players and GMs to explore Estevere using the award-winning Fate Core system for the first time!

Wicked Fate is a fantasy supplement for Fate Core that gives you all you need to bring the world of Estevere to life, including:

    • A complete introduction to the world of Estevere, a land of conflict filled with opportunities to define the coming age.

    • Fate Core templates for John Wick’s reinvention of ten fantasy races featuring elves, humans, orks, gnolls, kobolds, and more.
    • Dozens of new aspects and stunts that bring the reimagined races to life in Fate Core beyond racial bonuses or feats.
    • A modified skill list for fantasy adventuring in Estevere that includes Command, an additional social skill for Fate Core.
    • A new magic system for Fate Core that allows players to create custom effects on the fly without spell lists or mana pools.

Wicked Fate requires three to five players, some Fate dice, a few tokens, and Fate Core System (available free online) to play.

The Fate of Estevere Is In Your Hands!

***Downloadable play materials available here.

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