Root: The RPG Now Available via PDF/Preorder!

 The time has come to join the Woodland War! Root: The Roleplaying Game is now available via PDF and Preorder! Go to DriveThruRPG to download your PDF, or preorder your physical copy from our webstore today. 

Based on the Root: A Game of Woodland Might & Right board game and officially licensed by Leder Games, Root: The RPG brings the tales of the Woodland to your table! We successfully Kickstarted Root: The RPG in October 2019, raising over $600,000! It’s been a wild journey over the past two years, but we remain humbled by the support of all our fans. And now we are so excited to be able to share this game with all of you!

Check out all the woodland goodies now available on DTRPG and our webstore:

Root: The RPG Core Book contains

  • Nine unique playbooks, each built to help you create a vagabond whose exploits will echo in the Woodland for generations to come.
  • Easy-to-follow rules for all manner of fantasy adventure, including roguish feats, reputation and travel mechanics, and more. 
  • Innovative mechanics for managing equipment, weapons, and combat that make your choices matter both tactically and narratively.
  • Detailed instructions for running Root: The RPG—crafting combats, managing factions, and more—alongside a full clearing, Gelilah’s Grove.

Travelers & Outsiders is a supplement that expands the core game to include:

  • Ten new playbooks, expanding the types of vagabonds you can play to include pirates, raiders, scholars, heretics, raconteurs, and more.
  • Four new expansion factions—The Riverfolk Company, Lizard Cult, Grand Duchy, and Corvid Conspiracy—for you to add to any campaign.
  • Dozens of expanded moves and tags, including weapons skills, roguish feats, natures, drives, connections, equipment tags, and pre-made gear.
  • Robust faction turn mechanics that bring the setting to life as factions seize holdings, build structures, and plot mischief across the Woodland.
  • Two new clearingsHeartwood and Sundew Bend—that focus on adventures involving the new expansion factions and their conflicts.

In addition to these wonderful books, we also have the following accessories available for preorder:

  • Deluxe Core Set: Both the Root RPG Core Book and Travelers & Outsiders in a deluxe slipcase with exclusive covers!
  • Denizens Deck: A 55-card deck of Woodland NPCs from every Woodland faction to use in your game!
  • Equipment Deck: A 55-card deck of weapons and other gear with special traits, weapons stats, and new art!
  • Faction Dice Set: A pack of engraved dice with one pair for each of the seven different Woodland factions!
  • GM Screens and Notepads: An accessory pack with a trifold GM screen and two custom notepads!
  • The Clearing Booklet: A saddle-stitched booklet with four additional clearings! 
  • Clearing Maps: 8.5” X 11” laminated Woodland maps to set up your own version of the Woodland!

We also have a special treat available for Root lovers. Through our webstore, we're offering a Deluxe Root: The RPG Bundle. This bundle contains everything listed above and includes the Exclusive Vagabond Satchel for free! Buy it in the first 48 hours for $25 dollars off!

Preorders are set to ship Q1 2022, right after we complete fulfillment for our Kickstarter backers. Thank you so much for your support, and we hope you enjoy your Woodland adventures!