Masks: Secrets of AEGIS Now in Our Store!
Director Russell Sun pressed a button and the files sprang to life in the air around him, glowing digital readouts illuminating his face with a green tinge. His eyes flickered over the screens. News reports. Statistical analyses. Agent assessments. A...
Masks: Playbook Edition Now In Store!
We’ve gotten in new copies of the Masks: A New Generation core book, in softcover and hardcover, and in a slightly altered version—the Playbook Edition! The Playbook Edition has what a lot of fans have been asking for—the playbooks inside...
The Halcyon City Herald Collection Now Available in Print!
Halcyon City has so many stories in it. Sharks on legs walking through the sewers. A sky full of armored giant heads who talk in all-caps. A glowing woman who shows you your future when she touches your hand. A...
Secrets of A.E.G.I.S. is now on DriveThruRPG!
A.E.G.I.S., the Advanced Expert Group for Intervention and Security, is the premiere superhero law enforcement agency in all of Halcyon City. Its power is enormous; its actions, dangerous; its goals, secret. The agency is both respected and feared in equal...
Masks: A New Generation Dice & Decks Now Available!
The Deck of Influence, Deck of Villainy, and custom Masks dice are now available for purchase in our store! Read on to see how these cards can help you at the table, as well as how the dice can bring...