Masks: A New Generation Dice & Decks Now Available!

Masks cards & dice The Deck of Influence, Deck of Villainy, and custom Masks dice are now available for purchase in our store! Read on to see how these cards can help you at the table, as well as how the dice can bring a little extra sparkle to your Masks game. Masks: A New Generation is a tabletop RPG about young superheroes growing up in Halcyon City, trying to determine who they are and fighting some villains along the way. While you play, you and your friends tell comic-book style stories about young superheroes and their identities, their drama, and their adventures.

Masks Dice - pick your favorite color—or get them all!

Masks diceGet your whole team equipped with colorful, custom-engraved Masks dice! Each die features a mask icon instead of the “6” face, and each color combination is perfect as a basis for your next Masks character’s costume! Colors include: Green-blue, Blue-yellow, Purple-blue, White-blue, Orange-yellow, and Blue-pink. Pick your favorite to match your character, or get a full set with 2 dice in each of 6 color combinations, for a total of 12 dice. Get your dice here!

Both the Deck of Influence and the Deck of Villainy are also available in our store!Deck of Influence

The Deck of Influence includes 30 Influence cards in five different sets, one for each PC at your table. When someone has Influence over you, you can just hand them one of your cards, and they’ll have a special reminder with cool art and all the rules they need in an easy to reference form.

When it’s time for Huma to hand out Influence, Rich follows what it says in the Legacy playbook:

“You’re a part of this team, for better or worse, and you care what they think. Give Influence to all of your teammates,” Rich reads aloud. He then hands one of his Influence cards to every other PC. Huma cares about what they all think.

Also included are 25 condition cards, reflecting each of the five conditions in Masks: Afraid, Angry, Guilty, Hopeless, and Insecure. Each kind of card has its own art and rules for using conditions.

Toro, you unleash a barrage of punches at Vanquish, but he’s not affected by any of them. When you’re done, you’re panting, and your fists hurt, and he just laughs at you. Mark Afraid. What do you do?

Get the Deck of Influence here! Deck of VillainyVillains are an elusive lot, and they can evade you at just the wrong moment—like when you need to put some nefarious miscreant in the way of a team of young superheroes. Not to worry, though! The Deck of Villainy has 54 villains ready to go, each with the villain’s portrait, drive, description, and list of their abilities. It also includes a set of moves and conditions to use during play. Each villain has everything you need to quickly and easily bring a new nemesis into your game of Masks. Ania Sharma (Cygnus) was a metahuman pop star singer and young hero, but she never acquired the popularity she thought she deserved in either realm. Now, she’s trying her hand at being a criminal in hopes that this time the limelight will be hers. Also included is a summary card with the rules for creating your own villains, so you can quickly and easily generate your own addition to this rogue’s gallery on the fly. Get the Deck of Villainy here!