Masks: Playbook Edition Now In Store!

Masks: Playbook Edition Masks: A New Generation 2018We’ve gotten in new copies of the Masks: A New Generation core book, in softcover and hardcover, and in a slightly altered version—the Playbook Edition! The Playbook Edition has what a lot of fans have been asking for—the playbooks inside the book. Beyond that, it’s pretty much the same book and the same game that you’ve heard about. If you haven’t been able to pick up your softcover copy of Masks: A New Generation because they’ve been sold out, then wait no further! Now’s your chance! If you’d like to know more about the Playbook Edition, then read on! What are the differences between Masks: Playbook Edition and the original print run of Masks? Very few. Most important is that the Playbook Edition has all the core playbooks inside the book, now increasing the total page count of the book to 240 pages. But to do that, we actually had to remove content in order to make the necessary space for the playbooks and still keep our page count correct for our printer. That means the Playbook Edition actually has slimmed down content in some places—for example, in the setting chapter and in the examples. Beyond that we took the opportunity to fix up some mistakes and errors in the text, but it was nothing major. You’ll find that the contents of the two books are functionally identical, outside of the added playbooks in the Playbook Edition. Is this a second edition? No! As stated above, we did everything we could to do little more than fix straight-up mistakes and add in the playbooks. That required changing the content for space a bit, but not in any meaningful ways. The game and all its rules are the same. Do I need a new copy of the book if I already have the old one? Nope! The original version of Masks is still the exact same game, and you still have everything you need to play. You should not feel like you need to get a new copy. How can I get a copy? Head over to our store! if you want a softcover copy, go to: If you want hardcover copy, go to: And remember you can still pick up your PDF copy (which will now be the updated Playbook Edition file) at .