Pasión de las Pasiones

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Passion that cannot be contained!

Pasión de las Pasiones is a game of passion, drama, secrets, delights, and heated conflict. In Pasión de las Pasiones, you and your friends will play out the stories of the greatest telenovela ever to air—a telenovela called, of course, Pasión de las Pasiones

You’ll be playing an innocent character, striving for love, like La Empleada. You’ll play through stories with dramatic reveals, explosive confrontations, evil twins, and more!

| 3-5 players | 2-4 hour run time | Rated Teen | PbtA |


Product Line

System Highlights

Roll with Questions

The drama always matters when the fiction impacts your success!

Unique Conditions

Are you driven by love, betrayal, or BOTH!

Episode or Season Play

Single intense one-session play, or ongoing season-long arc.


The core rulebook of Pasión de las Pasiones is 6” x 9”, both in softcover and hardcover. Both books are full color and include all of the core materials you need to play the game, including all 7 core playbooks, 4 different playsets to get you playing quickly and easily, and plenty of additional material to guide you and support you through play.

Supporting Cast Deck

Learn To Trust And Even Love! 

The deck comes with 54 cards, each one featuring a different NPC you can put into your games of Pasión de las Pasiones! Each one comes with a portrait of the NPC, information about how to portray them in the game, and their own hooks and advantages, so that the PCs will have reason to vie for the supporting cast members’ trust!

Dice Set

Dados de Pasión!

Two official Pasión de las Pasiones six sided die. Each die is a rich-ruby red engraved with the white Pasión logo on the six. 

Fall in love at your table with these vivid dice.

Tormentas Del Corazón

Tormentas Del Corazon is a supplement full of new places, new faces, and exciting new drama. 

With five new playsets: 

  • Corazones Desbocados
  • La Casa Del Átomo
  • Calles de Plata y Plomo
  • Las Caricias del Poder
  • Sangre, El Último Amor

 Unbridled Desire!



Press & Media

Actual Play
  • Modifier – 51. Pasión de las Pasiones with Brandon Leon-Gambetta 
  • +1 Forward – Pasión de las Pasiones
  • The Gauntlet – Playing Beyond the Literal, Pasión de las Pasiones, Comrades
  • Gnome Stew – A Passionate Playtest

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