Five Dramatic Tips For Your First Gam...
Magpie Games' CPP GM Kristina provides a list of tips and tools to bring more drama to the table when playing Pasión de las Pasiones!
An Interview with Brandon Leon-Gambet...
 ¡Feliz Día de San Valentín, mi corazón! Are you ready for life-changing passion? For broken hearts and stolen moments? For scandalous reveals and scintillating drama?Pasión de las Pasiones is now available! We are excited to announce that this incredible game by Brandon...
Pasión de las Pasiones Preorder Begin...
Pasión de las Pasiones preorders begin on January 10th, 2023!
Pasión de las Pasiones
A telenovela TTRPG of passion, drama, secrets, delights, and heated conflict.
Pasión de las Pasiones Live on Kickst...
The Magpie Games HQ announces the launch of the Pasión de las Pasiones Kickstarter!
Pasión de las Pasiones will be at Gen...
Our newest game Pasión de las Pasiones: Ashcan Edition will be available ta Gen Con!