Anthology: Volume 1 (Fate Codex)

Anthology: Volume 1 (Fate Codex)


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This Fate Codex Anthology features:

    • 6"x9" Softcover Book

    • Black & White Interior

    • 25+ Essays, Tools, & Quickstarts

    • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG

A Year of Fate!

Fate Codex is a mostly-monthly e-zine—funded through Patreon—that features essays, systems, quick starts, and more for the Fate Core roleplaying system. Throughout 2014, over 600 backers funded seven different issues of Fate Codex; now we’ve brought all seven of those issues together into this new anthology!

The pages of this volume feature over twenty-five original articles produced by a massive miscellany of authors: Brian Engard, Leonard Balsera, Brie Sheldon, Mark Diaz Truman, Ryan Macklin, Phil Lewis, Quinn Murphy, John Adamus, June Shores, Christopher Ruthenbeck, Nick Bate, André La Roche, Phil Vecchione, Chris Sniezak, J. Huston Todd, Shoshana Kessock, Marissa Kelly, Tara Zuber, Kira Magrann, Rob Wieland, Steve Radabaugh, Carrie Harris, Brendan Conway, Eddy Webb, Cheyenne Rae Grimes, and Nicole Winchester.

The art from the original issues—more than thirty original pieces—is carried over to the anthology as well, with works by such artists as Marissa Kelly, Juan Ochoa, Tom Miskey, Kaitlynn Peavler, Mike Mumah, Claudia Cangini, Liz Courts, and Jeremy Kostiew.

Crack open this book, and you’ll be swimming in fantastic Fate content from some of the brightest and most experienced Fate authors in the industry: essays on how to use zombies in Fate, add Discover as a main action to Fate Core, or construct culture from the inside out for use with your existing stories, quickstarts featuring fighter pilots in space or lesbian crime noir, and captivating fiction in traditional Fate genres like cyberpunk and wrestling.

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