Urban Shadows 2E Funded in 12 Minutes!

Urban Shadows 2E went live on Kickstarter yesterday (Oct 27, 2020)! Thanks to the support of our amazing backers, we fully funded in 12 minutes! In fact, we’ve now raised more than $75,000—effectively doubling the entire funding total from Urban Shadows 1E. Thank you! We’ve already unlocked a ton of stretch goals, including revised versions of The Vessel and The Scholar, alongside a GM screen and Campaign Notepads!

Even before we launched, over 1200+ followers helped us unlock several prelaunch stretch goals! Thanks to them we added a pack of five pairs of customized Urban Shadows dice, and 2 additional PDF playbooks, The Dragon & The Immortal. Thank you!

If you’re not familiar with the game, Urban Shadows 2E is a Powered by the Apocalypse political urban fantasy tabletop roleplaying game in which mortals and supernaturals alike vie for power in a modern-day city. Vampires, faeries, hunters, wizards, and more clash in the shadows...or make backroom deals for their piece of the streets and skyscrapers. No one is ever safe, and everything is always at stake.

In this all-new Urban Shadows 2E you’re thrust into the danger and drama of urban fantasy politics like never before. We’ve updated the game’s rules, look, and tools to better support exciting stories of political urban fantasy. We’ve also added new playbooks, new faction mechanics, and a new “downtime” phase of the game in which characters can pursue long-term goals in the city.

No matter who you are, you contain within you the power to shape the city’s destiny. But remember, no one is ever safe, and everything is always at stake. So what future will you choose? And what will your victories cost you?

Head over to Kickstarter and back the campaign before it ends on November 19th!

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