The Trials of Okoye Commence!

Okoye banner A third Masks - Black Panther playbook, vaulting your way, spear in hand, badass stare primed and ready! Check out our post with T'Challa and our post with Shuri for the first two playbooks in this series! Like those, this is a pre-filled Masks playbooks for playing Black Panther in your own home game! That means the character (this time, Okoye) is aged down to Masks-appropriate age, and slotted into a Masks playbook. This version of Okoye is not the General and leader of the Dora Milaje, but someone far less sure of who she is and what she is willing to do.

Our Third Playbook is….Okoye, Rising Star of the Dora Milaje!


Okoye is a model trainee of the Dora Milaje, around 17 years old. The Dora Milaje is a corps of incredibly skilled warriors, traditionally always women, committed to the protection of the king and the royal family of Wakanda. They train for years, and commit to their roles for life. Okoye herself joined up with the Dora Milaje as soon as she was old enough. She wanted nothing more than to be known as one of the best warriors Wakanda had ever seen, and the best path to that goal was through the Dora Milaje. For her skill, her drive, and her devotion, she was accepted, and has become the personal student of the Dora Milaje’s current leader, Teela. But for all that she endlessly works, Okoye isn’t as far as she wants to be. She is incredibly talented, and yet still lags behind some of her peers—her best friend and rival Nakia in particular. She aches to become a fully-fledged Dora Milaje, but Teela has continually denied her such status. Everything came to a head recently, when Teela revealed to Okoye another function of the Dora Milaje—the Midnight Angels, the leading special forces team of Wakanda, consisting of the best of the Dora Milaje. The Midnight Angels do what is necessary to protect Wakanda...even unsavory and criminal acts. The revelation rocked Okoye, who had always seen Teela and the Dora Milaje as beyond reproach. Teela wasn’t surprised, and emphasized that this was one of the reasons she didn’t feel Okoye was yet ready to ascend to the ranks of the Dora Milaje—because Okoye didn’t fully understand what it would mean. Okoye now struggles with the worry of whether or not this is something she truly wants to become. In the meantime, however, to help her hone her skills, Teela has assigned her to work with and assist the new Black Panther, T’Challa. Download the playbook here! And stay tuned for our next entry, with a new Black Panther-themed playbook to download! Let us know if, and how, you use these playbooks, or if you come up with any other write-ups for your own favorite Black Panther characters!