The Sentinels of the Stars: Quirt

Continuing the Sentinels of the Stars, my Atomic Robo RPG versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy, from Atomic Badger, here's our next Sentinel: Badger's best friend, Quirt.


quirtQuirt is one of the strangest of the Sentinels, and that's saying something. Technically, Quirt is a conglomeration of nanites that have gained a networked consciousness and have created for themselves a coherent physical form by latching onto individual molecules of water and relying on polar bonds. Put another way, Quirt is an intelligent water elemental, but most folks at Tesladyne get mad if you describe them like that. Quirt is an accident, a creature not intended to exist. The nanites and their networking software was designed for an entirely different purpose. And yet, Quirt formed themself together, and now does exist, and Tesladyne is left in the awkward position of trying to determine how best to take care of a brand new life form. Their answer? Give to Quirt their own individuality. Let them make their own decisions. Even if they are, for some reason, attached to that stupid cybernetic badger and want to go to space with the rodent. Concept Aspect: Taciturn Water Elemental With A Heart of Gold Good Mode Aspect (Water Elemental): What. The. Hell. Fair Mode Aspect (Noble Creature): "Quirt, I am." Average Mode Aspect (Action): Peaceful isn't pacifist Omega Aspect: Sentinel of the Stars Skills: Superb (+5):Shape-Shifting (specialized) Great (+4): Empathy (specialized), Combat (focused), Physique (focused), Athletics (focused) Good (+3): Rapport (focused), Will (focused) Fair (+2): Notice(focused) Average (+1): Provoke (trained), Vehicles (trained) Stunts: Heal through Condensation Once per scene, spend a fate point to reduce one of your consequences to the next lowest level of severity. Hulking (2 benefits) Weapon: 2 when fighting unarmed. Absolutely stronger than any human, but at a cost. Water Body (2 benefits) Bulletproof, but weak to heat. Armor: 1 against anything else. Weird Connection When invoking an aspect created by Atomic Badger, take +3 instead of +2. Signature Aspect "Quirt, I am" can be invoked once for free, and compelling it requires the GM to offer you two fate points. (7 benefits - 5 = 2 extra fate points for the GM) Physical Stress: Ο Ο Ο Ο Mental Stress: Ο Ο Ο New Mode: Water Elemental Quirt is absolutely, definitively, not a water elemental. But that is a really good and easy way to describe what he is without getting into super complicated descriptions of nano-technology. Skills: Combat, Physique, Shape-Shifting, Athletics Raising Skills: Specialize one focused skill or focus two trained skills Cost: 9 New Skill: Shape-Shifting Quirt can reshape and distend their amorphous watery body as much as they please, creating new shapes, sometimes compacting the water into hardened formations, and altogether being more than capable of crazy physical feats. Overcome: Shape-shift into a particular form to accomplish a specific task requiring a particular shape. Overcome: Move through impossible spaces by shifting the shape of the body. Create Advantage: Shape-shift into a useful form, prepared to perform a task. Defend: Form body into a shield or a ball of water that can absorb blows. New Mode: Noble Creature Quirt isn't human, doesn't look human, and will never be human. But at the same time, Quirt is defined by being just as noble, if not more noble, than the noblest human. Quirt has more human a heart than any would suspect. Skills: Empathy, Rapport, Will Raising Skills: Specialize one trained skill and focus one trained skill Cost: 9