The Sentinels of the Stars: Kagápe

We've had a cybernetic badger with huge guns; a water elemental with a heart of gold; and a psychotic axe-wielding "alien." Next up in my Atomic Robo RPG versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy is our fourth Sentinel of the Stars, the assassin to end all assassins: Kagápe.


KagapeKagápe is the most lethal lady in the solar system, if not over a wider swathe of space. She's the product of a Majestic 12 supersoldier program that had happily used some kind of technology recovered from "The Nos" to adapt her, change her, and improve her. She has a connection to The Nos, now, something that simultaneously thrills and empowers her, and disgusts her. Either way, her abilities left her uniquely suited to acting as an assassin, the likes of which Earth had only seen maybe one time before in some guy named Jenkins. And that was at the beginning of her career -- she's only gotten better. She eventually left Majestic 12 when they were talking about modifying her more, particularly to ensure her obedience, with some kind of lobotomization. She was able to find a place for herself with Tesladyne, and specifically with the Sentinels of the Stars, hoping that such a position would eventually put her in direct contact with The Nos. Concept Aspect: Most Lethal Lady in the Solar System Good Mode Aspect (Martial Artist): Don't Remember How Many I've Killed Fair Mode Aspect (Intrigue): Top Assassin of Majestic 12 Average Mode Aspect (Action): Empowered by the Might of The Nos Omega Aspect: Sentinel of the Stars Skills: Superb (+5): Athletics (Specialized), Combat (Specialized), Notice (Specialized) Great (+4): Physique (Focused), Stealth (Focused) Good (+3): Will (Trained), Deceive (Focused) Fair (+2): Burglary (Trained), Contacts (Trained) Average (+1): Provoke (Trained), Vehicles (Trained) Stunts: Lightning Reflexes – You always act first in any conflict. If there is an opponent who has the same ability, roll off with Athletics. Enhanced Fluidity of Movement – You have Armor: 2. Stab from the Dark – You get +2 to Create Advantages using Stealth when setting up an ambush. Deathlegends (5 Benefits) – A Majestic 12 Superblade that Kagape renamed. Function: Perfectly Balanced Monofilament Blade Flaw: Easily Recognized. Weapon: 4. Ignores armor on non-bulletproof enemies. Can harm bulletproof enemies. When invoking an aspect in a physical conflict while using Deathlegends, get +3 instead of +2. Enhanced by The Nos (2 Benefits) – Absolutely stronger than normal humans, but at a cost. Absolutely faster than normal humans, but at a cost. (Total benefits: 10 – 5 = 5 extra fate points for the GM) Physical Stress: Ο Ο Mental Stress: Ο Ο Ο Ο