The Sentinels of the Stars: Jason Penn, Spaceprince

Atomic Badger. Quirt. Annihilator Arcryx. Kagápe. And now, the final Sentinel of the Stars. Their de facto leader. Maybe. Kinda. Human. Master-ish space adventurer. I give you Jason Penn, Spaceprince.

Jason Penn – Spaceprince

Jason PennJason Penn is an earth kid, through and through, but he’s always dreamed of the stars. To the point where he became an astrophysicist, actually, although he found that learning about the stars and space had the opposite effect of what he’d always hoped. Instead of learning that space was a magical and wonderful place, he found that it could be quantified, and the most exciting questions were about different kinds of particles and the like. He was still good at his job, and interested, but a bit childishly disappointed. That is, until Tesladyne’s first run-in with true alien intelligences. Whom he proceeded to defeat. Through guile, charm, and stupid mammal trickery. And lots of luck. And the aliens, not at all sore losers, passed on to him one of their honorific titles, which translated roughly to Space Prince. After that, the Sentinels of the Stars were formed, and Spaceprince joined that division faster than light speed. Although no one actually calls him Spaceprince, he’s found that wonder and magic he was so looking for as a kid. Concept Aspect: Spaceprince – Would-be adventurer of the stars! Good Mode Aspect (Banter): A Whole Lot Of Talk Fair Mode Aspect (Action): I Have My Own Soundtrack Average Mode Aspect (Science): The Stars Are Way Cooler In Person Omega Aspect: Sentinel of the Stars Skills: Superb (+5): Deceive (Specialized), Rapport (Specialized) Great (+4): Contacts (Focused), Provoke (Focused), Will (Focused), Empathy (Focused) Good (+3): Athletics (Focused), Combat (Focused), Notice (Focused), Physique (Focused) Fair (+2): Vehicles (Trained), Astrophysics (Focused) Average (+1): Science (Trained) Stunts: Chapter 1, the Early Years (of Space Prince): You are a master storyteller, and nearly anyone who listens to one of your tales can’t help but pay rapt attention. When you spend at least a few minutes engaged in pleasant conversation with someone, place a boost on them for free. The Social Network: When you arrive in a new town, city, port, or other viable population center, you may roll Contacts against a difficult of Great (+4). On a tie or better, write down an aspect that represents a friendly contact you have there. On a success, the aspect has one free invocation; on a success with style, two free invocations. You can invoke this aspect to have your friend take one risk on your behalf – fight for you, lie for you, and the like. When spend a fate point to invoke this aspect, it goes away at the end of the scene, along with your friend. I Have a Plan: When your allies invoke an aspect you set up as part of a plan, they get +3 instead of +2. Ray Guns!: You have dual ray guns, Weapon: 2. Walkman: Your “I have my own soundtrack” is a signature aspect, and can be invoked for free once per session, and when the GM compels it, he has to offer you two fate points. (5 benefits -5 = 0 extra fate points for the GM) Physical Stress: Ο Ο Ο Mental Stress: Ο Ο Ο Ο