The Sentinels of the Stars: Atomic Badger

In honor of a movie that came out this summer that I really really loved, I decided to make a few Atomic Robo characters inspired by the protagonists. So, without further ado, I give you --

The Sentinels of the Stars!

Tesladyne's first encounters with extraterrestrial life -- not merely strange life, or alien life ensconced within the earth's crust, or alter-dimensional life, but truly life from outer space -- were not without problems, including ruptured spleens, large quantities of ocher jelly, and a major miscommunication involving a nun's wimple. It was only a matter of time before Tesladyne devoted some official resources to dealing with space-based research and phenomena, in hopes of retaining a team that would be growing expertise with each encounter. The actual results of the space division's efforts have been exceptional, even if the division itself isn't quite what you might expect. Not least because Atomic Robo would never have guessed they would officially request a division name of "Sentinels of the Stars." But hey! It's the results that count, right? Here's the first Sentinel: Atomic Badger.

Atomic Badger

This picture was made by Drawception user Ersch, from this Drawception game. Look at it. This picture was made by Drawception user Ersch, from this Drawception game. Look at it.
There've been so many experiments to create different kinds of supersoldiers over the years, it seems sometimes as if every possible avenue has been tried out. Such is the only reasoning that makes sense to Atomic Badger about his own origins. Some schmuck of a mad scientist, trying to create super soldiers by grafting copied cybernetic parts onto lower animals, along with gene-therapy brain-expanding intelligence enhancements, must have had his biggest success with one unfortunate badger. Atomic Badger has no memories of where he came from, why he was made, or what he even really is. It's all supposition, but in the end, he's moved on from that crap. He chose his name long before he ever heard of Atomic Robo (he says), because it sounded cool to him, and that's enough for him. He defines his own identity, up to and including choosing to go into space with the Sentinels instead of remaining a ground-bound test subject for Tesladyne. Concept Aspect: Gun-Toting Cyber Badger Good Mode Aspect (Action): "Blam! Murdered you." Fair Mode Aspect (Science): Master of Things That Go Boom Average Mode Aspect (Beast): Ain't Nothin' Like Me, 'Cept Me. Omega Aspect: Sentinel of the Stars Skills: Superb (+5): Athletics (specialized), Combat (specialized), Notice (specialized) Great (+4): Explosives (specialized), Gunsmithing (specialized), Physique (focused), Provoke (focused), Vehicles (focused) Good (+3): none Fair (+2): Sciences (trained), Will (trained), Tooth & Claw (focused) Average (+1): none Stunts: Big Honkin' Gun <3 Benefits> Function: Firing the Biggest Bullets Flaw: "You're not allowed in here with THAT!" - Weapon 4, or 6 with a minor cost. - Full Auto-Fire: Spend a Fate Point to attack all enemies in a single zone. Wiseacre +2 to create an advantage with Provoke when cracking wise. Built to Shoot +2 to Attack or Create an Advantage with firearms when using Combat. Made It Myself Once per game spend a Fate point and roll Explosives to create a new bomb that can be detonated as a Weapon: X attack that catches everyone in the same zone, with X being the result of the roll. Weird Connection When invoking an advantage created by Quirt, Badger gets +3, not +2. <8 total benefits - 5 = 3 extra Fate points for the GM> Physical Stress: Ο Ο Ο Mental Stress: Ο Ο Ο Ο