The Sentinels of the Stars: Annihilator Arcryx

Continuing my Atomic Robo RPG versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy! Our third Sentinel of the Stars after Atomic Badger and Quirt is our murderous good friend: Annihilator Arcryx.

Annihilator Arcryx

arcryxAnnihilator Arcryx is a bit of an odd case. It seems like he might be an honest-to-goodness alien, but some tests have revealed enough human DNA and structures within him that the scientists have doubts. Perhaps he's just heavily modified, changed by alien scientists or even some of the more savvy earthbound sort. To Arcryx, though, all those studies are unimportant. He is the Annihilator, and that is all that matters. Arcryx is, put mildly, a coldly maniacal killing machine, more than capable of rivaling even Jenkins in pure potential for mayhem. He claims his only purpose in life is to destroy someone or something(s) called "The Nos," though only he and Kagápe know what those are at this point, and any mention of The Nos seems more than enough to drive him to a cold rage, at which point you'll need luck to survive, let alone to get more details out of him. Arcryx was partially put onto the Sentinels team to get him off Earth, where he might do less damage. Concept Aspect: Axe-Wielding Alien Maniac Good Mode Aspect (Annihilator): Capital-A Annihilator Fair Mode Aspect (Action): Wielder of the Annihilaxe Average Mode Aspect (Soldier): Trained in Self-Control Omega Aspect: Sentinel of the Stars Skills: Superb (+5): Athletics (specialized), Combat (specialized), Physique (specialized) Great (+4): Provoke (specialized) Good (+3): Notice (focused), Vehicles (focused), Tactics (specialized) Fair (+2): Will (focused) Average (+1): Contacts (trained) Stunts: Annihilator's Might (2 Benefits) You are absolutely stronger than any human (or basic humanoid) (Physique), but at a cost. You have Armor: 1 against all attacks for your thick skin. Strike Where They Are Weak When you invoke one of your opponent's aspects or consequences in a physical conflict, you get a +3 bonus instead of +2. The Annihilaxe (3 benefits) Weapon: 2, or Weapon: 4 with a cost (throwing the Annihilaxe). "Wielder of the Annihilaxe" is a signature aspect, meaning you can invoke it once for free, and the GM must offer you two fate points instead of one to compel it. Attacks with this weapon can damage Bulletproof targets. My Hands Crave Violence (2 benefits) +2 to attack with Combat when unarmed or with melee weapons. Indomitable Once per scene when you take a physical hit, you can check two physical stress boxes and add their values together to absorb that many shifts of harm. (9 benefits - 5 = 4 extra fate points for the GM) Physical Stress: Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Mental Stress: Ο Ο New Mode: Annihilator Arcryx is a creature built from the ground up not just for violence, or combat, or action, but for annihilation -- for the utter and total obliteration of whatever he's pointed at. Engineered, enhanced, and trained, there's nothing else in the Stars quite like him. Skills: Athletics, Combat, Physique Raising Skills: Specialize one trained skill, Focus one trained skill Cost: 9 points