The Rebellion of Nakia Alights!

Nakia banner And our last Black Panther playbook for Masks arrives! Here comes one of the best fighters in Wakanda! Check out our post with T'Challa, our post with Shuri, and our post with Okoye for the first three playbooks in this series! Like those, this is a pre-filled Masks playbooks for playing Black Panther in your own home game! That means the character (this time, Nakia) is aged down to Masks-appropriate age, and slotted into a Masks playbook. This version of Nakia is a member of the Dora Milaje, unlike the movie version of the character—we cop to basing this version somewhat off the Christopher Priest run of the comic, as well as the movie, and needing to fit the character to the Bull playbook.

Our fourth playbooks is...Nakia, rebellious star of the Dora Milaje!


Nakia is a trouble-making trainee of the Dora Milaje. She doesn’t remember a lot of her childhood—she knows she came from a quiet life with her father, a fisherman, on the outskirts of Wakanda. But at an early age she was taken (or sent?) to become a trainee of the Dora Milaje, and she has been with them ever since. The exact circumstances behind her entry into the order were never shared with her, and she has sought them ever since. She hasn't been home or seen her father since she left. She was always more than a bit rebellious, especially towards the strictures of the Dora Milaje. She snuck out of their training compound on more than one occasion, and she could never resist a good fight, especially if was a fight to defend someone innocent or weak. Much to the chagrin of her best friend and rival, Okoye, Nakia’s natural talent at fighting kept her at the top of their class, even though Nakia didn't put in Okoye's grueling hours. It even got to the point where Nakia was deemed ready to accept specialized Wakandan vibranium-based muscle treatments reserved for the Dora Milaje—and Okoye has still yet to receive such treatments. Nakia is not deeply interested in the Dora Milaje as an institution. She doesn’t trust them when they tell her she was brought to them willingly by her father, seeing as she can’t remember exactly what happened. (When she was younger, they told her that she would understand when she was older; now that she's older, they explain away the memory loss as a known side effect of some of the treatments.) And she certainly doesn’t feel the devotion to the Dora that Okoye feels. But Nakia is devoted, utterly, to her friends. Even though she likes competing with Okoye, Nakia would die for her sister-in-arms. And she has to say, she thinks that the new Black Panther can be pretty charming and cute...when he’s not a little too pompous or self-righteous for his own good. Of late, Nakia has been assigned to protect Shuri, the princess of Wakanda, and has become instrumental in Shuri’s plans to adventure. To Nakia’s mind, protecting Shuri doesn’t mean preventing her from endangering herself, and of course Nakia would have to accompany Shuri on these adventures to protect her. Download the playbook here! And that's our last entry! Let us know if, and how, you use these playbooks, or if you come up with any other write-ups for your own favorite Black Panther characters!