Stretch Goal Progress

OLBH Stretch Goal Progress - October 2012

Hey folks! We've been hard at work these last two months on our promised stretch goals, recording QR code videos, playtesting hacks, and working with our contributors for both the short story anthology and the companion/expansion book. Here's an update on where those projects stand:


The dice are in! And they look awesome!
We were hoping to send the dice out with the books to save on shipping, but we think that it will actually be easier for us to ship the dice out by themselves. We will be putting them in the mail this week (for $50+ non-retail backers) so look for them soon! If you wanted to grab some dice, but missed out during the Kickstarter, let us know. We will have a VERY limited supply of additional dice available for sale, and we're happy to give our backers first crack at picking them up.

QR Codes

We've got all the QR code videos scripted and plan to have the remainder shot and edited soon. This has taken us longer than expected, but we're excited to have these as a resource for new players! For right now, the QR codes have held up our release of the book on, but we'll let you all know when the PDF goes live via that site (and our site) so that you can let your friends know where to pick up the PDF.

Companion/Expansion Book

We've got 95% of the pieces in from our contributors, and we're finalizing the last few soon. Our hope is to have the text up here for you all to review and typo-hunt shortly. Due to the modular nature of the book, we'll probably put it up in pieces (Basic Missions, Hacks, etc) so that people can review the parts that they find interesting. At this point, we think the PDF will officially release toward the end of October, with the physical book following in November. As a sneak peak, here's how the cover is shaping up (next to the original cover for comparison):
Also, here's one of the fancy new Mission covers that will introduce each Mission in the Companion/Expansion:
We're excited. :D Let us know what you think!

Short Story Anthology

Like the Companion/Expansion, we're almost done collecting/editing the stories for the short story anthology. Some of our authors have filed final drafts and we expect the rest of the pieces to be finalized shortly. We hope to have this out in PDF around the same time as the C/E book, with the physical book to ship at roughly the same time.

Thank you, backers! Again!

Whew! Lots of stuff to do here at Magpie HQ. We'll let you know how things go. In the meantime, thanks again for your support!