See us at RINCON 2012

Special Guests @ RinCon 2012

Headed to the SouthWest this September?... Mark and I will be special guests at Arizona's Rin Con the weekend of the 28th! We are honored to be invited to RinCon and will be on a number of Panels: PANEL: Inclusiveness In Gaming

By Mark Truman and Marissa Kelly. Want to create safe and inclusive spaces for minorities and women at your gaming table? Join us for a discussion that will help you make your campaign, convention, or gaming creation more accessible to our diverse and interesting community.


Join our special guests John Wick, Mark Truman, and Ken St. Andre to talk about the ins and outs of designing an RPG. Hear what both up-and-coming new designers and some of the old veterans have to say about their creative process.

PANEL: Story Games Dungeon

Join Magpie Games' Mark Diaz Truman and Marissa Kelly for a journey into the darkest dungeons of Story Game roleplaying games. We'll collectively explore a unique dungeon while demonstrating the techniques that have made games like Fiasco, Apocalypse World, and many others so popular

PANEL: Game Design

With Seth Jaffee and special guests James Ernest, Patrick Nickell, Mark Truman and John Wick. Get the opportunity to chat with game designers about the process of design, and the difference between designing board games and RPGs.

PANEL: Kickstarter

With Special Guests Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games, Mark Truman of Magpie Games, James Ernest of Cheapass Games, & Patrick Nickell of Crash Games. Peek behind the curtain of one of the fastest growing phenomena to hit the game industry in recent history! See what it takes to run a successful Kickstarter game project.

We hope to see you there!