Podcast and Video Roundup

Roundup Although all of us here at Magpie Games keep ourselves pretty busy writing, designing, and publishing games, sometimes we get the chance to talk about them as well! Several of us here have been on podcasts and YouTube videos to discuss projects we’re working on, and here’s a roundup for your listening ease. Game School PodcastFirst, Mark was on Game School Podcast with Chad Parish and Satine Phoenix to talk about Urban Shadows. He explained the game, ran through a sample character, and then GM’d a short session for Satine. It’s a great taste of how Urban Shadows works. http://gameschool.tsrpn.com/2016/01/31/game-school-15-urban-shadows/ One Shot PodcastNext, I ran a session of Bluebeard’s Bride for Kat Kuhl and James D’Amato of One Shot Podcast, with Nathan Paoletta filling out the group. The session is split into three tracks, and you may want to listen with the lights on. Things got pretty intense, and it’s definitely NSFW, particularly the second track.




The ShriekerMarissa also got to discuss her views on feminine horror and Bluebeard’s Bride on the Shrieker with Matt Bohnhoff. She talks women protagonists, communal characters, the X card, and many of the underlying concepts of the game. It’s a great look at some of the thoughts that went into the design as well as how specific parts of Bluebeard’s Bride works. http://www.geeksrising.com/blog/2016/1/1/marissa-kelly The Jankcast There’s another creepy session of Bluebeard’s Bride I ran for the Jankcast, featuring Megan Pederson, Joe Beason, and their friend Ben. This is just the first bit of it, so there will be more to come. http://jankcast.com/archives/3269 Mark was on the Gauntlet with Jason Cordova, Steve Mains, and Rich Rogers to talk about Cartel. The first part of the podcast is a broader focus with some fun stuff about games, marathons, and Dreamation, but the Cartel goodness starts around the 28 minute mark. Mark talks about the inspiration behind Cartel, the glorification of violence can be tricky, culture supporting fiction, and future plans for the game! http://gauntletpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-45-cartel MasksAnd finally, Brendan ran two sessions of Masks for Indie+. It’s an early look at the game, but gives a sense of what it’s like to play young superheroes who are still trying to find their path in the world. These episodes feature Rich Rogers, Jenn Martin, Mark, and Alex Roberts. It’s the next best thing to having Brendan run the game for you. https://youtu.be/E3ic7UvvQSI?list=PLJyUXI7hzVWc5F_Sm_uQA9oziJGyMEM4j https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af-Bd_PmQlQ&index=2&list=PLJyUXI7hzVWc5F_Sm_uQA9oziJGyMEM4j