Play Games With the Magpies at Gen Con 50!

Game with the Magpies at Gen Con 50! 2017 It’s a big year for Gen Con, and a big year for Magpie Games as well! For the first time all of our games will be consolidated in one room, and we’ll have hosts to direct you to your games and answer questions. There will be a special offer for players dropping by the booth, so make sure to say hi to the hosts. While most of our games are sold out, it never hurts to stop by with some generics in case someone wasn’t able to make their slot. You should check the Gen Con website for up-to-minute openings before the convention, but as of right now these are the only games with slots left: Game with the Magpies at Gen Con 50! 2017 A Friend in Need, Epyllion Your clutch receives word that a long-lost fellow dragon is in need of aid! Will you be able to restore an old friendship? & can you provide the help necessary for your old clutch mate to thrive? Friday at 2:00 pm, 4 hours 2 tickets left! Game with the Magpies at Gen Con 50! 2017 The Great Seattle Fire of 1889, Undying A fire breaks out in the western boomtown of Seattle. But many predators are using this opportunity to upend the pecking order. Will you be able to survive the Great Fire of 1889? Thursday at 10:00 pm, 4 hours 2 tickets left! You can find the listing of all our games here, or check for Magpie Games under ‘Host’. And if you can’t join in on the fun in the game room, plan to check out the old and new items at the IGDN booth (#2437). There’s an interactive map here, and we’re thrilled to share a booth with other amazing game companies such as Growling Door Games, Third Eye Games, Black and Green Games, and more! We’ll have Masks: A New Generation books, Decks of Villainy and Decks of Influence, sets of Masks-themed dice, Undying books, Epyllion books, sets of Epyllion-themed dice, plushies, friendship gems, and more! Some of our stock is only available at conventions, so make sure to put us on your list of booths to visit. With both Masks and Epyllion up for ENnies this year, we’re sure copies will go quick. We can’t wait to see you all, whether in the game room, booth, or around the con. We love giving you the tools you need to build amazing worlds at your table, and we've got some great pieces to hand off to you for just that purpose. All of it is possible thanks to your continued support!