Outgrowing the Nest

After a lot of discussion and exploration of online spaces, we’ve decided that while we loved sharing an online forum with you, we’ve outgrown The Nest. As time has gone on, we’ve realized that other spaces are a better fit for our needs!

As you may know, we have a real time digital community space using Discord. You can check it out, accept the Code of Conduct, and come hang out with us there. The Discord has community run games, discussions on the games, official announcements, pbta design chats, and a chance to connect and play games with fellow fans.

We’re also opening a new space on reddit! The Magpie Games subreddit will have regular updates on rules clarifications, AMAs with Magpie Games designers, Kickstarter announcements, and contests!

If that’s not enough, you can also now find a Facebook group for Magpie Games with topics for each game. The Facebook group is a place to post your own content, ask questions, engage with our games, hear about others’ gaming experiences, and see fan comments and art!

Each of these spaces offers their own unique benefits, and we hope you’ll find a home with us in one or more of them. There will be cross information on each of them, so you won’t miss out if you just choose to engage in one space.

Thank you for all your wonderful questions, posts, excitement, and time you spent with us here in the Nest. It’s been wonderful to have you be part of our growing community and we hope you’ll join us in these new spaces!

We will be leaving the forums up for two weeks and then removing them from our website. We hope you’ve had a wonderful time here and we look forward to seeing you in our other community spaces!

- Magpie Games HQ