Welcoming Newest Magpie, Sam Saltiel!

We’re thrilled to announce a new Magpie is joining the team at Magpie Games HQ here in Albuquerque, NM.

Sarah "Sam" Saltiel is a writer, artist, and game designer who recently graduated from the University of Chicago. Her art focuses on gender, mental illness, queerness, and the way those spheres interact with each other. She’s been designing games for several years now, working freelance on projects such as Pelgrane Press's Bestiary for The King in Yellow.

Sam interned for us last summer, assisting with administrative tasks and receiving mentorship on creative projects. She has continued working with us ever since to develop her ashcan, Passing—a game about shape shifting aliens in the 1950’s trying to pass as human. Passing delves into the erasure and intersections of otherness. We’ve loved collaborating with her over the past year, so we are thrilled to say that she has recently adopted a new role: Director of Marketing and Sales!

Here at Magpie Games, Sam will be helping us out with conventions, distribution, marketing strategies, and all the other things that put books in the hands of our customers. We’re grateful to have her on board and are excited to welcome her to the office.

Sam has hit the ground running and we are already working with her to promote our various creative endeavors. She says, “I strongly believe in the impact RPGs can have as an immersive and collaborative art form. I’m so excited to be able to be part of Magpie Games and to have the ability to help us succeed with the sort of games that we're making.”

In the coming years, we expect that Sam's role will become increasingly crucial to us as a company. “As Magpie Games has grown over the last few years, we’ve been expanding our reach to new conventions, new sales channels, and new distributors,” Mark Diaz Truman, co-founder and CEO of Magpie Games. “We’re thrilled to add Sam to the team, and really excited to have someone here at Magpie Games permanently dedicated to this kind of sales and marketing work.”