Magpie at UK Games Expo (UKGE)

Like a lot of other major conventions this year, UKGE is taking their entire expo online (August 21-23). But just because we won’t have any tables or a booth set up doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on a chance to play some of our games with fans from around the world, check out our newest kittens, and hang out with us at the booth!


It wouldn’t be a games convention without some awesome indie rpg sessions to hop in on, so our wonderful GMs will be hosting some of our games throughout the whole weekend! Power up in Masks: A New Generation, explore the woodlands in Root: The Role Playing Game, team up with your fellow dragons to protect Dragonia in Epyllion, and navigate the perils of politics in the urban fantasy world of Urban Shadows. You can purchase tickets at by searching for the game and time you want to play. Ready to get your game on?

Wizard Kitten Demos

We had an incredible turn out for our Wizard Kittens demo last month at GenCon, so we’re running it again at UKGE! You’ll be able to try out our first family-friendly card game on the Friday and Saturday from 6-10 pm BST (1-5 pm EST) via Tabletopia and Discord. Our fans helped us raise more than $165,000 on Kickstarter last year, and we’ve been hard at work for more than a year making the purrfect pick-up-and-play game to bring a little magic into your life. Make sure to reserve your FREE ticket so you can take a shot at sealing away all the curses before the librarian, Professor Whispurr, catches you!

Virtual Booth + UKGE Coupon

Our (virtual) booth in the “Exhibit Hall” runs 1 pm - 3 pm EST and again at 4 pm - 6 pm EST on Friday, the 21st. UKGE is setting up video chat for all virtual booths, so we’ll have a staff member available if you feel like chatting about some of our games. We always love to hear from you, so we’ll be giving coupon codes for 10% off at our website!

We’re beyond excited to see you at the UK Games Expo 2020. We’re new to the show, and we’re sad we won’t be able to meet you our first time there, but GenCon pulled off an exceptional online expo this year, and we’re confident the UKGE organizers will accomplish a similar feat.

See you at the con!

-Magpie Games HQ