The Play's The Thing is 550% Funded and We've Gotten Some Great Press

With a little more than two weeks to go, we've hit over 550% funding on our first Kickstarter project, The Play's The Thing! As we said in our last update, we are just totally blown away by the response we've gotten from the Kickstarter community and our fans. Each and every day, we are excited to see new pledges and new messages from the backers. You guys are awesome! We've also gotten some great press about the game: Eloy Lasanta had us on his podcast, Rolling 20s, to discuss how the game was designed and how Marissa and I work together as an illustrator/writer duo. Cape Rust reviewed an advance copy of the game at Roleplayer's Chronicle, giving our fans a quick peek into what the game will look like when we release it next month. Eddy Webb announced his short story, "I Knew Him," one of the feature works in our upcoming short story collection By No Means Vulgar. Jenn Jennisodes had me on her podcast, the eponymous Jennisodes, to talk about the game and our Kickstarter launch. Whew! These people are all amazing, talented creators and we feel totally lucky that they've helped us get the word out about The Play's The Thing. On that note, we're roughly $200 away from reaching our next milestone goal on Kickstarter: $3,000. When we get there, we're going to release By No Means Vulgar for free to all our backers, and send print copies of the awesome collection to backers who have pledged more than $50. Please come by the Kickstarter page and pledge to help us release The Play's The Thing!