Magpie Games at GenCon 2020

As you may have heard, GenCon is going online this year! We’re sad to miss another convention due to COVID, but we’re excited to have you all join us digitally for Gen Con 2020!

GenCon Online will be held July 30–August 2, 2020, and all of the events, games, and panels are accessible from the comfort of your own home! We’ve got all you need to know about everything Magpie Games is hosting at GenCon 2020, so keep reading to find out more!

Games, Games, and More Games

Every year at GenCon, we host a bunch of games in our game room. We’re keeping the tradition alive this year by hosting all your favorites—Masks: A New Generation, Epyllion, Urban Shadows, and...Root: The RPG. We’re almost completely sold out, but you can snatch up the last few available (or keep an eye out for tickets that may become available if folks cancel) by visiting

Huge thanks to Kate Bullock, our Community Manager, for organizing another great group of gamemasters for GenCon Online. We’re so thrilled to host so many games for so many players every year!

Check Out Wizard Kittens!

Last year, we raised over $165,000 for our first family-friendly card game, Wizard Kittens. You and your friends play as kittens who have accidentally released a few curses from the library's Restricted Section and now have to defeat the curses before you're caught by the librarian Professor Whispurr.

This year for GenCon Online, we’re running Wizard Kitten demos every day of the convention via Tabletopia so you can check out the game. Sessions run from 12pm to 4pm EST, and tickets are still available! You can go HERE to sign up to play.

If you don’t have time to play a demo for yourself, our very own Mark Diaz Truman—one of the game’s designers—will be on the Board Game Geek live stream on July 30th at 6:30 EST. Mark will talk a bit about making the game and then show the BGG crew how to play these magical kittens!

You can get your hands on your own copy of the game when preorders for Wizard Kittens go live on July 28th. Both the core game and the Magical Monster Expansion will show up in retail stores in mid-August, but you can get your copy early—and some Kickstarter goodies—by preordering the game on our webstore. Stay tuned!

Explore the Woodlands of Root!

Root: The Roleplaying Game is a fantasy adventure roleplaying game based on the hit board game Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right. In Root: The RPG, players take on the role of Vagabonds, woodland creatures battling for freedom, justice, and money from powers far greater than them, delivering the tales of the Woodland to your RPG table!

Want to learn more about Root: The RPG? Join co-designers Mark Diaz Truman and Brendan Conway for a discussion about the game—moderated by CPP GM Simon Moody—from 10–11 am EST on August 2nd.

They’ll reveal all the secrets of the Woodland… or at least the secrets that the Marquise de Cat has already let slip through her claws.

You can also check out an actual play of Root: The RPG streamed live on August 2nd from 12-2 pm EST, featuring all the Magpies: Brendan Conway (GM), Mark Diaz Truman, Sarah Doom, and Marissa Kelly. We’ll be showcasing the Pellenicky Glade clearing from the new Free RPG Day quickstart!

To see how you can get your copy of the Pellenicky Glade Quickstart check out our latest blog post. You can get copies at retail store through FreeRPG Day, and we'll have some copies available—for free!—through our webstore starting July 30th!

Steals and Deals at GenCon 2020

We can’t meet fans at our booth this year, but we’ve put together a bunch of awesome deals available through our webstore during GenCon Online starting on July 28th. Almost everything in our webstore will be on sale, and some titles will be up to 50% off. And to thank everyone for making GenCon Online awesome, we’re offering FREE domestic shipping on all purchases over $100.

Here are a few of the games we’re really excited to feature for GenCon:

Fate Codex Anthology Bundle

(50% off)

The Zombie World Full Set

(20% off)

Masks Core Book

(10% off)

These sales only last until August 2, so make sure you put your orders in early! Once GenCon Online ends, the sales end too!

We've Been Nominated!

We're proud to announce we've been nominated for the Indie Groundbreaker Award and four ENnies! Hundreds of games were submitted in this year's competition from all over the world and we're incredibly honored to have our games be nominated for these awards!

  • Bluebeard's Bride: Tarot of Servants was nominated for an Indie Groundbreaker Award
  • Zombie World was nominated for Ennies for the Product of the Year, Best Rules, and Best Game
  • Zombie World: The Mall was nominated for an ENnie for Best Supplement

Whatever the results may be, we’d like to give a huge thank you to our team for all their hard work in putting these games together! We would also like to extend a huge thank you to all of you, our loyal supporters, that voted for us! We couldn’t have done this without you!

It's a strange time, but we’re making sure GenCon Online is still four jam-packed days of amazing gaming. Thanks for joining us. We can’t wait to see you at the convention!

-Magpie Games HQ