Gen Con Announcement: Urban Shadows Second Edition

Urban Shadows was one of our earliest games, kickstarting all the way back in June of 2014. Designed by Andrew Medeiros and Mark Diaz Truman, Urban Shadows is a PbtA urban fantasy roleplaying game focusing on supernatural politics set against the backdrop of a gritty urban environment. You might play The Fae or The Wolf, partaking in drama the likes of which is seen in shows like The Dresden Files, Angel, or The Wire.

Now that Urban Shadows has been out for a while, we’ve had the time to hear feedback from all of you and think about the next step: what new playbooks we want to add and how we can tweak the mechanics so that they heighten the drama and darkness inside all of us.

In fall of 2020, we’re kickstarting the second edition of Urban Shadows! In addition to the fantastical tension and suspense created by the first edition, the second edition will have a new city and faction generation system, two new playbooks: The Knight and The Goblin, revisions to some of the pre-existing playbooks, and two full City Guides: Chicago and Santiago, Chile.

Urban Shadows: Second Edition will launch on Kickstarter in Fall 2020. If you’re too excited and feel like you can’t wait, check out this trailer that we’ve put together for a small dose of that gritty urban fantasy that we all know and love: