Games at GenCon 2018

The day is drawing near! We are so excited to all of you at Gen Con in August. We’ve been busy getting ready for all of the things that we have to share with you and so we have a sneak peak at some of the things that we’ll be offering. You can find all of our games listed under Host: Magpie Games, or click the link here:

The Games On Offer

We’ll be offering Masks, Bluebeard’s Bride, Urban Shadows, Cartel, Undying, our Dungeon World settings, Velvet Glove, Our Last Best Hope, and Epyllion in our game room (#245 in the convention center). Will you play a vampire lurking around the Chicago World Fair, a teenage superhero trying to make a name for themself in the world, or a baby dragon trying to find housing for fantastical creatures? We only have a few seats left so be sure to sign up while there are still some available! Perfect for anyone with dreams of being a superhero, in Masks you play as part of a team of teenage superheroes. But it’s not all about kicking ass and taking names! You’re not only fighting against systems of evil, but also fighting to find a place for yourself in the world. Bluebeard's Bride Bride with Stained Key Kring 2017Recently nominated for an ENnie for best production value, Bluebeard’s Bride is a game about feminist horror. Something sinister lurks in the endless corridors of the Bride's new home. It haunts her steps & contaminates her dreams, beckoning her to oblivion. Can you save her from a most seductive doom? Velvet Glove invites you to brawl as part of a teenage girl gang. Carousing around by the boardwalk, proving your grit at the roller derby, or facing off at the disco-- you have each others’ backs until the bitter end. When you walk the city streets, do you ever think about the things that lurk in the dark? In Urban Shadows, you can be a part of that world. You can negotiate fights between vampires and werewolves, or cast some spells of your own! Coming off of a kickstarter earlier this year, Cartel invites you to live inside a gritty piece of narcofiction. There's no way out of the Cartel that doesn't end with someone you love dead or bleeding. Which way do you go when your enemies wreck your life? Revenge or run? Revenge, amigos. Always revenge. A diceless PbtA game, Undying delves into the politics of vast networks of vampires that spread throughout the world. Vampires may be immortal, but that does mean that they have risen above internal squabbles. After all, they have plenty of time to kill. Merevore Juan Ochoa The Last Days of Anglekite 2014You can explore our Chaos World settings, The Last Days of Anglekite, The Cold Ruins of Lastlife, and The Green Law of Varkith. Our own spin on Dungeon World, they will propel you through new and interesting narratives so you can spend your time in this fantastical world! You are humanity’s only shot at survival! In Our Last Best Hope, you play through the sorts of situations that you would find in classic disaster movies. Everything and everyone is about to die. It may be fate, or God’s will, or just the shitty truth. You are the only thing that stands in the way of the end of the world. Can you save it? Equal parts adorable and thrilling, you can stretch your wings with Epyllion. As a baby dragon, that is! You and your clutch will occupy this fantastical world and get into all sorts of magical mischief.


Magpie will have our own game room this year. We’ll be on the second floor in room 245. To find us, just take the stairs up and walk towards the Hoosier balcony, then look for the room full of purple! We’re thrilled to have over 100 sessions of our games running over the course of Gen Con, with wonderful MCs and nine different games to choose from. If after playing a game you want to head down to our booth to take a look at our full range of offerings, just exit the room and go down the stairs that will be down the hallway and on your left. Once you find yourself in the exhibition hall, we’re in Hall G near the back of the convention center. We’ll be sharing booth #2459 with Indie Press Revolution. Come say hello and check out all the new products that we have to offer. We can't wait to see you!