Game Chef Review: Monsters of Glam

Monsters of Glam by Matthew Sullivan-Barrett Documenting the last tour of a rock megaband, Monsters of Glam is an awesome ride through the world of rock stardom. From the creation of your band's album to the last show you play on tour, this game rocks. In every possible way. I especially enjoyed the structure of the game, as each Rocker gets some time in the Spotlight before playing a show. Three shows, and three rounds of Spotlights, later, "it's all over but the crying" and the band breaks up, leaving their fans wondering why the last tour fell apart…or watching the band ride into the sunset as rock gods. This is an absolutely playable game as it is today. It's clear how the characters are made, what motivates them, and how the scenes should play out. The mechanics are fresh and fun, and I can't wait to give the game a shot with my bandmates from college. It's accessible to newcomers and fun for everyone who spends too much time roleplaying Paladins. monsters of glammonsters of glamFinally, I would have liked to see the Game Chef elements integrated a bit more centrally, but it's hard to argue with the way that the Last Chance theme worked out. This is the final tour for our Rockers, and the mechanics reinforce over and over that this is the end of the road for these relationships. Well done! I hope to see this one in a local game store soon.