Game Chef 2012: Magpie Games Review Assignments

Now that we've finished with the submission process for Game Chef 2012, it's time to get reviewing. As in past years, each person who submits a game to Game Chef reviews four of the other games and select one to move on to the next round. Here are the four that I've been assigned to review:
57. Rage, Rage by David Miessler-Kubanek A RPG about the last chance for hope in the face of futility and madness. 59. Into the Void by Kira Scott A one session game of existential identity crisis in the isolation of space. 62. Monsters of Glam by Matthew Sullivan-Barrett Idealist rockers on one last tour. Will they honor their dream or tear each other apart? Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders. 63. Kobold Engineer by Laura Simpson The apprentices of Coyote, the infamous Dungeoneer, compete for his approval and for the opportunity to succeed him as the Kobold Engineer.
They all sound great, and Into the Void sounds a lot like Our Last Best Hope, but I've got a personal bias toward Kobold Engineer based on the title. It sounds...awesome! I'm hoping that the actual game meets my expectations. Our reviews are due by April 25th, so I'll be updating the blog here with our reviews for the next week or so. Please let us know if you get a chance to give these a read; we'd love to hear your comments on these submissions.