Fate Core Kickstarter: Timeworks

The latest Evil Hat Kickstarter went up on Tuesday (i.e. yesterday!). At the time I'm writing this, it's already got nearly $75,000 in pledges. Yup, that's right: The Fate Core Kickstarter is up and running! Within a few house of the Kickstarter going up, I emailed Fred Hicks, Evil Hat Co-President, to let him know that I would be available to contribute a setting if he needed additional folks. He was interested, but crazy busy. He told me to email him in a few days if I didn't hear back. A few hours after that things with the Fate Core Kickstarter were going so well that he asked for a pitch! Here's what I sent him: I've love to do a time travel game. In short, it's a combination of inception/time travel, for-profit time travelers who go back in time to rewrite the past to make the present more amenable to their corporate clients: "Want to have developed the iPhone? We can make it so that your firm had the idea before Apple. Want to get rid of a tricky rival? We'll make sure his parents never met. After all, it's only murder if someone gets killed. Not getting born doesn't count. Our time technicians are experts at moving the timestream in revenue generating directions. We're discrete, careful, and always on time. After all, we know you expect the best. Timeworks. Making time work for you." Fred loved it, and set Timeworks up as a $74,000 goal. Which just hit. Before I even had time to blog about it. Wow. So over the next few weeks, I'll be posting updates about Timeworks (in addition to the other stuff I'm working on!) Time-travel is a tricky business, and I would love to hear what some Fate fans have to say about the subject. I've got some ideas that I think are going to rock, but I'm sure the playtesting will be fast and furious. In the meantime, go back the Fate Core Kickstarter, leave me some notes here about what you want to see in a time-travel game, and talk this project up!