Eternity Sneak Peak: The Vast

Magpie Games is proud to present Eternity, our first release scheduled for the Fall of 2011. Over the next few months, we will be releasing sneak peaks of Eternity's art, fiction, and setting. We welcome your comments and critique and hope that what we present sparks your interest.
Eternity Art - Marissa Kelly
The Vast They can turn an army to dust with a wave of a hand. They can move across the stars in a moment, as if the most distant planet was a nearby park. Their wrath is unspeakable; their love, intoxicating. Even they don't remember from whence they came. It has been so long since their arrival that their origins are lost to them, fleeting memories buried under millennia of new experiences. They have loved, birthed, fought, and dreamed so many times over that their past is lost to them. There is rumor among them that they were once a single people, lording over all of reality, joined in common cause and purpose. Others claim that it has always been this way, that they have been no more or less unified in the distant past than they are today. For most Vast it is irrelevant: the past is gone, never to return. Time itself appears to be the only thing immune to their influence. It marches onward, and the Vast are much less concerned about who they were than who they will become...