Eternity Sneak Peak: The Appointed

Magpie Games is proud to present Eternity, our first release scheduled for the Fall of 2011. Over the next few months, we will be releasing sneak peaks of Eternity's art, fiction, and setting. We welcome your comments and critique and hope that what we present sparks your interest.
Eternity Art - Marissa Kelly
The Appointed The Vast, apparent lords of all they survey, always wish to influence the worlds they preside over without direct involvement. Becoming overly involved in the politics of a single world invites chaos, exposes weaknesses. It is better for someone else to do the real work when intervention is needed. Yet, The Vast find their children and creations uncooperative. Such entities always wish to strike bargains, ask for freedom. The price is too great. And so The Vast turn to the mortal populace of the world they wish to influence. They select a man or woman who is of no special importance, but who can bear their word and wish to the masses. They come to this person and imbue him or her with a drop of their power, forever changing his or her fate. The Appointed, cursed by the power The Vast wield, serve as ambassadors to The Common, striving to spread the theological reach of their masters. They are forever altered by the process that ties them to The Vast, their psyches warped to suit their petty masters and their lives lengthened well beyond that of a normal mortal. While their lives have been stolen from them, few of The Appointed fight the transformation. Instead, they typically embrace their newly crafted identities, working tirelessly to complete the tasks set before them by the god they serve. What choice do they have? They bear the marks of their god, and sooner or later The Vast will find them. There are, of course, Appointed who rebel against The Vast who spawned them, but too often those malcontents find that their insubordination was always part of the plan...