Eternity Sneak Peak: Beasts

Magpie Games is proud to present Eternity, our first release scheduled for the Fall of 2011. Over the next few months, we will be releasing sneak peaks of Eternity's art, fiction, and setting. We welcome your comments and critique and hope that what we present sparks your interest.
Eternity Art - Marissa Kelly
Beasts The Vast can call any manner of creature to their banner, carving flesh from stone and raising animal cunning from dust. They can even compel that creature's loyalty and servitude until its dying breath, as long as The Vast are willing to risk a deeper Attachment to Dreams while warping the wishes of another. Yet, even when The Vast force the fealty of a creation or slave, the tricky bonds of Fate work against them. The Vast often find that some of their servants slip into the night, bound and determined to find freedom away from their master. Inevitably these deserters return, drawn to the power of The Vast that spawned or enslaved them, but seeking vengeance instead of approval. Worse still, they are consumed by their hatred and malice; nothing will satisfy them short of the absolute and total destruction of their former master. The Vast call these monsters Beasts, the cursed engines that rip apart the carefully constructed sand castles that The Vast build in the sea of The Known. The bonds of Attachment keep The Vast from reaching across the cosmos and snuffing out these enemies, but they ignore their machinations at their own risk. All of The Vast know of at least one in their company who dismissed a Beast too readily, only to find its claws in his eyes and jaws at his throat...