Easy Like Shakestreet: 3 Days to Go On The Play's The Thing Kickstarter

Thank you all so much for your support so far! Marissa and I never imagined that this project would catch on the way it has. Not only have we secured a deal with Alliance that will put our books into stores across the US, but we're also planning on sending out nearly 100 books to English and Drama teachers on behalf of our $25+ backers. We are so excited! We've only got 3 days left to clear the remaining $771 for our final milestone goal. If we can get all the way to $5,000, we will release one free playset a month for The Play's The Thing for an entire year. That means that each and every month for the entirety of 2012, we'll give you a new way to play the game, with a new setting, and new rules. We are so close! Can you take a few minutes today to spread the word about the project? We've got so many great rewards and such a wonderful community here, but we want to make sure that your friends, family, fans, and followers get a chance to learn about The Play's The Thing. Your Tweet, Facebook update, G+ Post, or even just simple email could help get us there! And if you haven't pledged yet, please go to the Kickstarter page and help us out! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!