Brendan Conway Joins Magpie Games as Assistant Developer

We are very excited to announce that we have a new member of the Magpie Games team! Brendan Conway, long-time Magpie Games contributor and collaborator, has accepted a position as Assistant Developer! We've had a lot of exciting success lately with various crowdfunding projects (The Fate Codex, Urban Shadows, etc) and Brendan is going to be helping us get those projects out the door sooner rather than later. Welcome aboard, Brendan!
Learning' To Fly! Learning' To Fly!
In a lot of ways, this is just making official what's been happening for some time now. Brendan's been working with us on The Last Days of Anglekite, Wicked Fate, and a number of other projects for the last few months. His insights as a designer have already proved to be invaluable, and we're thrilled that he's going to be doing more for us in the future. Look to see a lot more of his work this fall! In addition to his design work, Brendan's also going to be posting regularly here on the Magpie blog about game design, running games, and general gaming stuff. We think he's got a ton of great ideas, and we're pumped to have him sharing them with all of you. Help us welcome Brendan to the team!