The Book of Lore is now in splendid print!

Turning the corner, the Bride spied a simple black ash door at the end of the hallway. The type of door that could be opened by a simple steel key. Behind it lay the answers she sought. The sound of her bare feet padded against the floor.

One. Two. Three. Yes, this must be it.

Her nails clacked across the keys. Longing. Stalking. Seeking.

…does she open the final door?

The Book of Lore is now available in print! Get the print copy + PDF here, or the digital copy alone on DriveThruRPG.

Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Lore Bluebeard's Bride 2018The Book of Lore is a fiction supplement for Bluebeard’s Bride, a tabletop role playing game where you and your friends explore Bluebeard’s home as the Bride, creating your own beautifully tragic version of the classic dark fairy tale. The Book of Lore tells the tale of the Bride across 98 pages, adorned with the nightmarish and hallucinogenic images she faces in her journey through the mansion. But this tome doesn’t let one read in safety—no, it bloodies the hands of its reader, demanding they choose the terrible fate that befalls the newest bride. When you read this book, you will experience our retelling of the fairy tale Bluebeard, and at the end, choose whether the bride opens that fateful door. Will you be disloyal? Faithful? Or curious? Choose wisely… Bluebeard’s Bride is based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system used in Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, Urban Shadows, and more. Bluebeard’s Bride produces adult feminine horror fiction like Crimson Peak, American Horror Story, or The Company of Wolves, making it fun for horror fans and dark fairy tale fans alike. Get the print + PDF copy here: