Avatar Legends: The RPG - An Urgent Request Available Today!

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game is the officially licensed tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of the critically acclaimed series’ Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game was made possible through the incredible support of fans who made it one of the most successful tabletop roleplaying game Kickstarters ever, raising over $10 million through Kickstarer and late pledges.

Every stretch goal we had in place was unlocked, including the final one - to fund a full actual play one shot that demonstrated the game with Avatarverse voice actors Dante Basco and Jennie Kwan! Dante Basco is the voice of Prince Zuko from The Last Airbender & the voice of General Iroh from The Legend of Korra; Jennie Kwan voices another fan favorite character, Suki, from The Last Airbender

To round out the cast, tabletop gaming celebrities Becca Scott and Ify Nwadiwe are guests as well! Becca Scott is known for her work on Good Time Society, being the host on Geek & Sundry’s “How To Play” Series, and her appearance on popular actual play shows such as Dimension 20. Ify Nwadiwe is a comedian and actor who shares a passion for gaming and anime. He has appeared as a recurring guest on popular actual play series such as Dimension 20 and Battle For Beyond; he is also a writer on Grand Crew and Twisted Metal.

Our Game Master for the All Star Actual Play One Shot is Lili Sparx. Lili has been an active member and leader in the tabletop RPG space since 2018. Starting in 2020, she is one of Magpie Games’ Curated Play Program game masters and has run over 100 games. She is incredibly well versed and talented in bringing our celebrity guests into the world of Avatar Legends.

For those who enjoyed the All Star Actual Play and would like to play the same adventure - we have great news for you. A brand new, digital only one shot called An Urgent Request is available now on DriveThruRPG for only $2.99!

In this adventure, Princess Zeisan, the sister of Fire Lord Sozin, is trying to host a symposium to bring Air Nomad ideals to the Fire Nation nobility in advance of her wedding. But Minister Zianda, working on Fire Lord Sozin’s orders, has set into action a conspiracy to discredit Zeisan and the Airbenders!

It’s up to your heroes to stop Zianda and save the symposium! Set in the Roku Era, this adventure is an action-packed race across the Fire Nation Capital, with PCs sent by Air Nomad Sister Rioshon to save Zeisan. The digital booklet includes fully fleshed-out character sheets for each of the PCs in the All-Star Actual Play, as well as NPCs and tools for running the adventure. The core rules are needed to play this adventure.

Be sure to grab this exciting, new adventure today - yip yip!