Avatar Legends: The RPG Starter Set Available Internationally!

Magpie Games is excited to announce that the Avatar Legends RPG Starter Set is now available for international customers!

The Starter Set is an one-in-all box set to provide everything you and your friends need to embark on adventures throughout the Four Nations using the Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game system! Fight for justice, weave tales of self-discovery, and work with legendary heroes like Fire Lord Zuko and Asami Sato to bring balance to the world!

This set includes…

  • 32-page booklet of condensed rules
  • 40-page introductory adventure booklet featuring The Pirates of Crimson Sails set in the era of Avatar Aang, and The Burning Fuse set in the era of Avatar Korra
  • 10 blue engraved dice featuring Tui and La
  • 21 combat action cards
  • 10 illustrated pre-generated character sheets
  • 6 rules reference sheets
  • A large full-color map of the Four Nations

In addition to all of these physical components, a unique code to unlock a full digital version of the Avatar Legends RPG Starter Set on Demiplane and a 50% discount code to unlock the full digital version of the Avatar Legends Core Book!

Need more dice? What are we saying? Of course you do! Besides the Dice Pack or the Deluxe Dice Set you can purchase already on the webstore, here's a closer look at the new sets of engraved dice included in the Starter Set!

This beautiful box set will make a great gift for those who do not have the full game, for friends that want to try out the game for the first time and are unsure of where to start, and for diehard collectors who need to have it all!

Are you a fan or customer that prefers to buy games from your local game or hobby shop? If so, the Starter Set is available for international retail as well! Please check with your friendly local game shop to see if they have the Starter Set in stock. If they do not, or if you’re a retailer who is interested in stocking the Starter Set in your store please contact our Director of Sales, Christopher Samson, at christopher@magpiegames.com for more information.

As a reminder, for customers in the United States, the Starter Set is exclusively available in the United States at Target. You can schedule a pickup or delivery via their online store, or find the box set in the Toy & Games section at select store locations in person!

Adventure awaits in the Four Nations! Go out and grab your copy today – yip yip!