5 TTRPG Gamer Goals for 2024!

Happy New Year, gamers!

We’re excited to be back in the office at Magpie Games HQ and have been plotting our 2024 goals! While ours are focused on making games, we have been pondering what we want to do as gamers, too! 

A new year is a great time to think about what you want to do gaming wise in the coming year. When we reflect on the year that passed, it can become clear 

Every gamer's goals are unique to them. Some of us are lucky to play a game a month and others are playing four or five games a week! But here are five easy resolutions that we’ve put together after returning to the office! We hope you’ll join us and add your own!

Read A New Game

Sometimes we read a new game but never play it. And that’s okay! Reading a game still counts as adding to your gaming for 2024! So many of us have games on our shelves from Kickstarters past we’ve never had a chance to go through or impulse purchases from our Friendly Local Game Store. Everyone at Magpie Games as a big shelf of to be read games. While we may not have time to play them, we do have time to read them! So for this year, we’re pledging to read at least one new game sitting on our shelf.

Play A New Game

This is on almost every gamer’s New Years goals list. Just like finding time to read a game, we are even more hard press to find time to play games. Sometimes we’re lucky and have a regular game group, but for many of us, we end up just craving games from a distance. Whether it’s finding a local group, playing online, or joining a paid session, there are games out there to play. And in honor of the 2024 year, we are pledging that we’ll play at least one new game this year. It could be a one-shot or just a demo, but there will be a new game! 

Get into a Campaign

For some folks, a one-shot is the best kind of game. But for many of us, we long for the days where we could play a campaign. Building a character over multiple sessions and exploring relationships and the world is one of the most satisfying gaming experiences. Sometimes it’s with friends, sometimes with people who will become friends, but it’s almost always a great time. This year, we’re going to try to get into at least one campaign that lasts more than five sessions!

Switch Your Role 

Many of us fall into habits of always being the gm or always being a player. One of the greatest challenges for gamers is moving from one role to another. For GMs, they often get stuck as always the GM and never get a chance to play. For players, they often are nervous or worried about taking on the GM mantel. This is a year to change it up! Try gaming! Be a player! Switch up your role and let someone else either be the GM or the player! 

Play Against Type

As players, we can get a little same-same sometimes. We may really love a specific trope or character type–like the sad girl or the lone wolf or the charmer who asks if they can get intimate with the monster. It’s normal to find a story type you really love and keep exploring it over and over. But playing to type often means that you don’t challenge yourself to tell different or new stories. Playing against type can let you explore new ways to play, help you develop your roleplaying skills, and let your friends see a new side of your play style! This year, we’re going to try to switch it up and see what magic happens at the table!

Bonus Round: Play a Solo RPG

Getting a group together can be one of the hardest things in adult life. Scheduling is impossible! But trying a solo rpg often feels like learning an entire new skill and doesn’t have the same payoff as a multi-player RPG. It’s true that you dont’ get the same social feedback from playing with others, but solo rpgs have their own unique payoffs that come from crafting a complete story on your own! We haven’t played a lot of solo rpgs at Magpie Games HQ, but this year, we’re all gonna try to get at least one in!

That’s it for our New Years TTRPG Goals! What are yours? Will you be trying any of these gamer goals? Making your own? We can’t wait to hear if you hit your gamer goals or try entirely different ones this year!