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Preorder full digital access to Uncle Iroh’s Adventure Guide for Avatar: Legends The Roleplaying Game on Avatar: Legends Nexus with this specially priced digital add-on! (Preorder expected Summer 2024) 

Purchasing this digital add-on unlocks full digital access to Uncle Iroh’s Adventure Guide content on Avatar Legends Nexus, including 4 new character playbooks in the digital Character Creator, 5 exciting new adventures in the digital reader, 10 new NPC Legends able to teach entirely new techniques, and expanded material for exploring Jasmine Island.

Avatar Legends Nexus is the official digital companion for the Avatar Legends tabletop RPG, offering a seamless and enriched gaming experience for fans of the beloved Avatar universe. This official platform is designed to empower both players and Game Masters with a suite of sophisticated online tools and content, making it easier than ever to explore the world of Avatar, whether you're adventuring through the Spirit World, mastering the elements, or navigating the complex politics of the Four Nations. Key features of Avatar Legends Nexus include:

  • Character Creator: Design and customize your characters with a user-friendly interface, selecting from Avatar Legend’s exciting playbooks, bending abilities, training, eras, and techniques. 
  • Digital Reader: Enjoy optimized access to all your Avatar: Legends RPG content across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The digital reader ensures that rules, lore, and guides are always at your fingertips, with interactive tooltips and cross-references to enhance your understanding and immersion.
  • Game Compendium: Dive into an extensive library of Avatar: Legends resources, allowing for rapid rules lookup and a comprehensive database of bending techniques, creatures, equipment, and world lore, all designed to streamline your gameplay and storytelling.
  • In-Person & Digital Play Support: Whether you prefer playing online with built-in video support, using your favorite virtual tabletop (VTT), or gathering in person, Avatar Legends Nexus supports all playstyles with cloud-based synchronization for seamless access to your games and content from anywhere.

Learn more about Avatar Legends Nexus here.

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