The Ward (Ashcan)

The Ward (Ashcan)


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This ashcan edition features everything you need to play a game of The Ward while it is still in development.

    • 6"x9" Softcover Book
    • Black & White Interior
    • 4 Playbooks + GM Material

    • Free PDF via DriveThruRPG

Good evening, Doctor.

We’ve got an FLK with PFH showing bilateral greenstick fractures in Two, a couple of puppies digging for worms on a GOMER in Five, and the Chief wants to talk to you about your charting. Oh, yeah. Your daughter also left a message saying she needs someone to pick her up from practice; I guess your ex forgot to show up.

Where shall we begin?

Life, death, and all the stress that happens in between. The Ward is a Powered by the Apocalypse game of medical drama, comedy, and tragedy inspired by shows like ER, House, and Scrubs. Players take the roles of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals fighting the good fight against the forces of chaos, juggling life and lives while trying to remain human in the face of incredible stress.

The Acute Care Edition is a preview version of The Ward: it contains everything you need to try the game. A future release of the full game will contain more resources and playbooks.

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