Noir Enigma

Pronouns: He/They

Curated Play Program GM

Noir has spent his life finding different ways to express himself. He is a voice actor, streamer, musician and improvisor. He’s studied comedy and improv at Chicago’s iO, Westside Theater, and Second City. He is the Nerdy host of Critical Misses’ Morning Ritual, creator and Game Master for Kobold Presses Into the Southlands, Magpies Second City Saviors. Noir has been playing TTRPG’s since he was 14. His GMing philosophy is that everyone should leave the game with a memorable cinematic moment. Games allow us to be who the real world will not let us be, and so it is the GM’s responsibility to make the moments in their world matter. So if you are looking to walk away from an explosion without looking at it, or to have some other cinematic moment Noir’s game would be the game for you.

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Customer Testimonials


“Noir made sure everyone had a moment and made us feel like heroes!” “Noir was incredibly positive and enthusiastic, and a super fan of all the players! He did a fantastic job of supporting the newer players, and encouraging everyone to be friendly and helpful.” “I had never played Masks, and felt like I was out of my element. Noir was wonderful at making me feel like I didn’t need to study the material to have fun and be included. He made me feel like my story was fun and I felt like he was a HUGE fan of the story we were telling. He was excited about our story! He was hyped up about our ideas and made every thing *matter*. I cannot wait to play at his table again.”

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